Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Annie and I had a crazy idea to go fishing. We went to Teapot LK in the Unitahs. We used to camp and fish there when we were little. I'm sure for dad it was just like old times... setting up poles, untangling lines, unhooking the fish, baiting again, untangling again. Probably didn't enjoy it much. But we did! Thanks dad for a fun day we will never forget. Thanks for your patience and just hanging out with us, we love you!
Yum Yum
Patience paid off
" Hello Maddame" Dad had to borrow moms glasses
I would be happy in this moment forever
The girls were more interested in eating first... notice cheetos
L.E. was so excited to have caught the first fish!


Bobbi said...

What a sweet, cute post! I love Mike, isn't he the best Grandpa ever??? those girls will never forget that.

Laura said...

How fun! I'm so impressed with the fish you caught!