Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afteroon: Mom and Dad were still in Spokane visiting jimmy and Carly but we thought we would eat dinner as usual. After it was such a nice day we ventured into the back yard. As always with the Dunn's we had to be doing something competitive like freeze tag or throwing a hoola hoop with just enough back spin to make it back to you with out falling over. And of course just plain hoola hooping. I'm sure the neighbors love when we venture into the backyard, very entertaining.


Bobbi said...

That picture of the three girls is the cutest thing I've ever seen! You should blow that one up big!

Sara said...

Oh man, talk about getting home sick!!!!! I sure miss those fun Sunday afternoons with the Dunns! You gusy are such a fun family- and yes you are right- competitive! I miss Mathew googling every debate, Drew asking your dad how much he will give him to jump in the pool, Fantasy football trash talk, and on and on- the Dunns are the best!!!!

Amanda L. said...


i can just imagine all the fun goings on in the backyard. miss you guys! did i just say that again?