Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So there has been some confusion on the halloween costumes... Mom was an old grandma. When the neighbor girl asked what she was and heard "old grandma" she said..."oh, thats what you really are" :)Dad was a goaly caught in the net, he had bandages all over him, Matthew was suppose to be an old lady with Annie but as soon as he put on the wig he had to be Weird Al. We miss you all tons.. P.S. Emily do you have a blog now? I couldn't find it


The Walkers said...

Oh it all makes so much sense now! How funny about your mom and the neighbor girl. Matthew totally looked like Weird Al. How funny.

Amanda said...

I hope your mom wasn't too offended when the neighbor said that! Oh, this is too funny. Your parents are so creative and festive.